Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit(PCR-fluorescent Probe)


24 tests/kit 

48 tests/kit 

96 tests/kit

Test content

ORF1ab, N gene 

ORF1ab, N gene, E gene 

ORF1ab, E gene, Delta 

ORF1ab, N gene,Omicron

Sample types

swab or sputum

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The design of this kit is based on the sequence characters of 2019 novel coronavirus and SARS-like coronavirus, with Reaction Mix containing specific primers and probes for ORF1ab, N gene and internal control (RNase P gene):

Specific GenesFluorescent Dyes
Gene 1ORF1abFAM
Gene 2N geneVIC
Internal controlRNase PCY5

* Reaction Mix is designed according to needs


  • Storage and transportation at RT

No need for cold chain and low temperature equipment, reducing transportation risks

  • One step in place

Lyophilization of all components, no system configuration required, to avoid loss of components with high viscosity such as enzymes

  • High thermal stability

High temperature verification at 37℃, stable product performance

  • Large-volume filling

To increase the yield of lyophilization, and it can be repeatedly freezing-thawing 5 times after remelting, which has no effect on the test results


1.High Sensitivity(100 copies/mL)


Fig. The detection limit of the product after lyophilization can reach 100 copies/mL,which is no different from that before lyophilization

2.High Stability


Fig. The fluorescence value of the four genes after lyophilization is lower than before lyophilization,which proves that the performance is very stable


All reagents can be stored at room temperature before opening; Protect Reaction Mix from light during storage; Valid for 12 months.