Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

Real-Time PCR Analysis System

Model No.GS-PCR3200

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  Real-Time PCR Analysis System

The GS-PCR 3200 real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR system uses semiconductor technology to quickly implement the PCR amplification process, and a high-sensitivity photoelectric detect system to detect the fluorescence signal in real time, and analyzes and processes it through powerful analysis software. 

  Product Features

  • Compact, portable and efficient

  • Dual channels and double 32-well blocks design, can run two different programs simultaneously

  • Real-time dynamic and accurate temperature control

  • Powerful software for Quantitative Analysis, Melting Curve Analysis, Genotyping, etc.  Touch screen, easy to operate

  • Unique hot-lid electronic lock design

Sample Capacity32×0.2 mL(4×8 well、double block)
ConsumableClear 0.2 mL PCR tube/8-tube strips
Reaction System15-100 μL
Temperature control technologyMarlow customized Peltier allow 1.000.000 cycles
Temperature Range4-100℃(Resolution:0.1℃)
MAX. Ramp Rate8℃/s
Temperature fluctuation±0.1℃
Hot Lid Temperature 30-110℃(Adjustable,default 105℃)
Temperature control Block/Tube mode
Excitation wavelength

F1:470nm      F2:523nm

F3:571nm      F4:628nm

Emission wavelength

F1:470nm      F2:523nm

F3:571nm      F4:628nm

Factory Calibrated Dyes

F1:525nm      F2:571nm

F3:612nm      F4:692nm

DetectionHigh sensitivity photoelectric detector
Dynamic Range1-1010 Copies
Sensitivity1 copy
Feature function

Absolute/Relative Quantification, 

Melting curve, Genotyping

Display7 inch color TFT touch screen