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Blood Cell Blood collection Tube

NameModelSpecificationRubber stopper color
Disposable Vacuum Blood Collection TubeBlood Cell Blood Collection Tube5mlBrick Red

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Blood Cell Blood collection Tube

Blood cells may soon begin to experience lysis through such mechanisms as necrosis and autophagy after blood draw, which will significant affect clinical diagnostic result if not tested promptly.  Ardent Whole Blood Cell Preservative Tubes (Ardent CTC BCT) is specially formulated to stabilize blood cells in invitro condition.


  • Omnipotent Protection of Blood Samples

Provide effective  protection for white  blood cell  (WBC), circulating Tumor  Cells  (CTC), exosomes. The only BCT in the market inhibits formation of platelet exosomes by exosomes.cell-free  DNA  (cfDNA), and  plasma more than 90% but preserves cell

  • Preserve Excellent Blood Cell Morphology

Stabilize blood cells for up to 5 days of transportation at room temperature. After 72 hours, the morphology of blood cells in Ardent CTC BCT is still in good shape, and may be culturable

  • Facilitate Blood Rare Cell Enrichment and Optimize for Downstream Molecular Analysis

Specially formulated preservatives with effective anti-platelet aggregation and blood clotting is especially suitable for microfluidics and flowcytometric analysis of blood cells


Preserve Excellent Cell Morphology


Blood samples were collected from the US imported BCT (market products) and Ardent BCT used in the domestic market. After 72 hours, the blood cells preserved in the Ardent BCT were significantly better than the market products and had better fresh-keeping effects; and contained cell stabilizers. The Ardent BCT can better protect blood cells.

Prevent Blood Cell Lysis and DNA Releasing


samples can be stably stored for 5 days or more at room temperature in  Ardent CTC BCT and no DNA release was observed.

Good CTC Results with Ardent CTC BCT


Collect blood samples from different cancer patients and observe the CTC content in each 6 mL blood sample. It is found that Ardent BCT can effectively protect CTC and stabilize rare cells in blood circulation.