Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube

NameModelSpecificationRubber stopper color
Disposable Vacuum Blood Collection TubeCell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube5mlBrick Red

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Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube


cfDNA preservation:unique formular of anticoagulation and preservation reagents, that can stabilize cfDNA for 7 days or more at room temperature

Blood cess fixation:prevent  releasing of cell genomic DNA so as not to contaminate targeting cfDNA

Double-coded label design:ensure the identification of each individual tube reduce sample processing errors;

  Product Performance

Excellent Protection of Blood Cellular DNA From Releasing


Fig. After 5 days, the nucleated cells preserved in the BCT of S company severely ruptured, releasing a large amount of DNA into the plasma. Ardent BCT can efficiently stabilize nucleated cells and prevent the release of genomic DNA into plasma


Fig. After 5 days, the expression of Rnase P gene in the BCT of S company decreased. Ardent BCT can effectively inhibit nuclease activity and protect free DNA from degradation

Super NGS Library Yield and Quality


The blood samples were collected into Ardent BCT and conventional EDTA BCT. After being placed at room temperature for 5 days, the fragment size and peak pattern of free DNA were detected by a bioanalyzer. It can be seen that conventional EDTA BCT cannot prevent cfDNA degradation

4 test.jpg

Sequencing Fig. The read length of the NGS library of conventional EDTA BCT is shorter than that of Ardent BCT. Ardent BCT can better preserve free DNA and obtain high-quality libraries

5 test.jpg

Fig. Ardent BCT can store a higher yield of NGS library than S company BCT

High NGS Sequencing Quality


Fig. Through sequencing, it was found that the samples collected by Ardent BCT could obtain a higher number of effective reads and more uniform GC content than those of S company