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Urine Preservative Collection Tube

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Urine Collection Cup (120 mL)15
Urine Preservative Collection Tube (10 mL)210

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Urine Preservative Collection Tube

(All-round Preservation)

For urological cancers, urine is in many situations the preferred liquid biopsy source because it contains exfoliated tumor cells and cell-free tumor DNA and can be obtained easily, non- invasively, and repeatedly. However, there are challenges with urine collection. Given the possibility of microbial proliferation in urine as well as nuclease activity, the need to have methods to preserve collected urine samples is clear.


Urine is very rich in nuclease, and cfDNA degrades after sampling for 6h without preservation solution, which is difficult to keep fresh for a long time.


This product uses a unique formula to protect the integrity and stability of the cells in the urine sample, avoid cell lysis and swelling; it can efficiently and stably store the cells, viruses, nucleic acids and other valuable substances in the urine, and achieve long-distance 4-30 ℃ transportation.

The matching urine extraction kit is used to extract cfDNA in urine or nucleic acid in cells, which can be used for bacterial and microbial infections, tumors and transplantation screening in the urinary system.


  • Large Capacity

Urine can be collected in large quantities, providing sufficient material for multiple assays

  • High Stability

Patented formula,can effectively inhibit nuclease activity and protect free DNA from degradation

  • All-round Preservation

Contains unique preservation reagents,which can be stably transported and stored for 14 days at RT

  • No downstream inhibition

The preservation solution does not inhibit PCR reaction, ensuring smooth downstream reaction



Fig. Using Ardent urine preservative collection tube (including preservation solution) to store urine samples for 0, 5, 10, and 14 days (colors are red, blue, green, and yellow) is more stable than no preservation solution, and no obvious abnormality is found in the samples. It can be stored well for 14 days