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Isothermal Amplification and Detection System

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  Isothermal Amplification and Detection System


This product is based on the rapid nucleic acid amplification technology at room temperature and the principle of antigen-antibody specific immune reaction. It is used to quantitatively detect the content of the analyte in human samples through the isothermal amplification test strip and instrument. The entire procedure of sample inactivation, isothermal amplification, incubation, detection, and data processing is conducted on one device


  • Multiple functions

Integrate the four functions of sample inactivation, amplification, incubation, and detection;

  • Simple and fast

The detection speed only needs 2s to generate results;

  • Efficient and specific

Detect the new crown (SAR-CoV2) and influenza B (influenza B virus) at the same time;

  • Accurate and sensitive

The instrument is exquisite and compact,which can realize high speed heating, precise temperature control,and precise detection;

  • Flexible design

Reagents can be customized according to different needs;

  • Wide range of applications

A wide range of sample types, such as blood, saliva, etc.


  • Clinical diagnosis

  • Pathogen detection

  • Nucleic acid amplification testing