Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

  NGS DNA Library Prepset

The product amplifies multiple nucleic acid sequences simultaneously through multiple PCR amplification technology, which could achieve high-fidelity of 100,000 to 10,000 pounds. The logarithm of self-customized Panel primers can be between ten and ten thousand pairs. The sequence junction is connected to the amplified target nucleic acid by ligase. The libraries prepared can be used either on Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms.


  • High data uniformity: Uniformity>95%;

  • End primer digestion: Primer digestion reduces waste of known sequences;

  • High library quality in complex circumstances: High GC, high mutation, high repetition and other complex circumstances;

  • Low template requirement: The starting template can be as low as 1ng;

  • Wide range of amplifying enrichment enzyme: The primer pairs from 10 to 10,000pairs can be effectively amplified to build the library.